A revolutionary heat transfer nanofluid

That utilizes Nano-Thermo™ technology. Hydromx® uses nano-particles that are suspended in a stable state to increase the speed of heat transfer, by heating up (or removing heat from) the fluid and transferring energy in a shorter amount of time, thereby requiring significantly less energy (and saving money).

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  • Wide application range
  • 35% energy savings
  • 29 % co2 emissions reduction
  • Used in Empire State Building

Why Hydromx?

There is an enormous global thirst for energy as the world population grows. The International Energy Outlook 2013 (IEO2013) predicts that world energy consumption will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040. With fossil fuels supplying almost 80% of world energy use through to 2040, emissions will exacerbate global warming. Therefore, the world faces soaring energy demand and increased energy costs, and the effects of global warming caused by the use of fossil fuels.

While there is steady growth in renewable energy technologies (albeit only about 2% per year), energy conservation measures must come first. HYDROMX® heat transfer nanofluid meets this global challenge on a scale unlike any other product or technology available thus far. We have spent the past ten years building a solid infrastructure and assembling a team of experienced, dedicated and successful industry specific professionals who form the HYDROMX TEAM. Together with our carefully selected Worldwide Distributors and Resellers we feel we are well placed to lead the energy conservation revolution with our innovative HYDROMX® product.

Operating range of -60°F to +244°F

Freeze protection down to -36° F and burst protection down to -60°F

Increases equipment life

Reduced run time of system compressor can extend equipment life.

Rapid return on investment

Money saved in reduced energy consumption will offset the purchase price of Hydromx fluid.

Tested by academia

Hydromx has been tested in university settings to establish energy savings & CO2 reductions values.

Corrosion protection

Hydromx heat transfer fluid inhibits corrosion in closed loop systems.

Easy instalation

Just replace “the hydronic heat transfer fluid” running in the system with Hydromx®

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